REPSSI’s successes throughout the decade since its foundation is due to the continued support of both funding partners and board members.

Board of Directors

REPSSI has a regional Board of Directors, and a Board of Directors for each sub-region.

The Regional Board of Directors

Kaumbu Mwondela, Chairperson
Kaumbu Mwondela


Ms. Cynthia Mapaure, Treasurer
Ms. Cynthia Mapaure


Mrs. Noreen M. Huni, Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Noreen M. Huni

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Constance Kganakga, Board Member
Dr. Constance Kganakga

Board Member

Dr. Lewis Ndhlovu, Board Member
Dr. Lewis Ndhlovu

Board Member

Ms. Jeanne Ndyetambura, Board Member
Ms. Jeanne Ndyetambura

Board Member

Mr Gavin Tipper, Board Member
Mr Gavin Tipper

Board Member

Alison Schafer, Board Member
Alison Schafer

Board Member